Financial Information

Basic Costs
Application Fee:  Those applying for admission must submit this $50.00 fee with their application.  Applications not including this fee will not be considered valid or serious until it is received.  This fee is non-refundable.

Matriculation Fee:  All students pay a $20.00 matriculation fee for each course in which they enroll.  This fee applies to all courses, whether credit or audit, and is non-refundable should the student fail to complete the course for any reason.

Administrative Fee:  All students pay a $35.00 administrative fee per semester.  The fee covers expenses for library usage, banquets, Populi fees, and other items.

Tuition: Tuition is charged on a semester-hour basis according to the total number of semester hours in which a student enrolls.  Students may audit courses at a reduced tuition rate, but will receive no credit for them. Tuition rates are as follows (subject to change):

Tuition $205.00 per credit hour
Audit $45.00 per credit hour

Graduate Tuition:
Masters $225.00 per credit hour
Audit $45.00 per credit hour

Doctoral $245.00 per credit hour
Audit $45.00 per credit hour

Schedule of Additional Fees:

Late registration fee (non-refundable) $25.00 per course
Late or early examination fee $25.00 per examination
Transcript fee $5.00
Student housing reservation fee $100.00

Graduation fees:
Practical Christian Training Diploma $60.00
Associate Degree in English Bible $80.00
Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree $100.00
Master of Ministry    $120.00
Master of Religious Education $120.00
Master of Divinity  $120.00
Doctor of Ministry  $150.00
Doctor of Religious Education     $150.00