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Applicants and Status
TBBCS admits men and women who desire to become more effective in their service for the Lord Jesus Christ whether they are preparing for full-time service or if they are just seeking to gain a richer knowledge of the Word of God.  The College accepts students according to Biblical standards and, therefore, does not discriminate against applicants on the basis of earthly race, skin color, nationality, or ethnic origin.

Applicants for admission to the College have normally completed their high school studies and are considered undergraduate students.  The courses involved in their chosen program of study are taught at the undergraduate level.  Undergraduate students are not normally allowed to take graduate courses without special permission and having demonstrated competence in their undergraduate studies.

Applicants for admission to the Seminary have normally completed a four-year college degree and are considered graduate students.  The courses involved in their chosen program of study are taught at a graduate level of detail and intensity.  Graduate students are not normally allowed to take undergraduate courses without special permission and the addition of  graduate-level requirements.

New Student Admission Procedure

Those seeking enrollment in the College or Seminary for the first time should follow the general order of events given in the following procedure:
    1. Submit the TBBCS application form to the Registrar.

      a. Complete all parts of the application form. To fill out the form, click here or call the Registrar at 757-424-4673 ext. 308.
      b. Attach a recent photograph to the application.
      c. Enclose the $50.00 application fee with the application.
      d. Mail all parts of the application to:
      Tabernacle Baptist Bible College and Seminary
      717 Whitehurst Landing Road
      Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464

      e. Applicants for the College may apply at any time during their senior year of high school or after.
      f. Applicants for the Seminary may apply at any time during their senior year of college or after.

    2. Contact your current or previous schools and request from each that a copy of your transcript be sent directly to TBBCS at the address given above. 

      a. Those who have not yet graduated should request that transcripts be sent upon graduation.
      b. Applicants for the College will need transcripts from high school and any other schools thereafter, whether military or civilian.  Those who have received a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) must contact their GED test center to request that a copy of the Official Report of Test Results be sent directly to the College.
      c.      Applicants for the Seminary will need transcripts from any schools where they received college or seminary training.

    3. If you are applying to the College, arrange to take the American College Test (ACT) and have the results sent to the College.

      a. Information about the test can be obtained contacting ACT on their website,, or by writing them at:
      500 ACT Drive
      P.O. Box 168
      Iowa City, Iowa 52243-0168

      b.      Those who have already taken the test should contact ACT and request that a copy of their scores be sent to the College.
      c.      The ACT is a standardized test that evaluates a student’s acquired academic knowledge.  The College utilizes these scores to determine a student's academic needs and strengths.
A student's application should be in the hands of the Registrar no less than three (3) weeks before the beginning of the term for which the student is applying.  TBBCS will notify applicants in writing of the approval or rejection of the application.  In the event an application is received too late for complete processing before the opening of school, the student may be granted tentative admission pending completion of all parts.  An applicant will not be given official status as a student until his application is completely processed.

Transfer Students and Transfer of Credit
Students who have attended another college or seminary or who have received college-level credits from other schools may apply for admission to TBBCS.  Such students are regarded as transfer students and follow the same basic procedures as those for new students.

Transfer students who wish to apply credits from other institutions to fulfill TBBCS requirements must contact those institutions and request that an official transcript be sent directly to TBBCS.  Copies of transcripts not received directly from other institutions are not acceptable.

Upon receipt of all appropriate transcripts, the Administration will evaluate the credits on a course-by-course basis and will determine which are potentially transferable.  For College credit, those courses that are deemed essentially equivalent and for which the student received a grade of C or above will be considered for transfer.  Such transfer, however, will not be considered complete until the student has satisfactorily completed a full semester of work at TBBCS.  To be considered for graduation, transfer students usually must complete one full year of work at TBBCS.