As a ministry of a local Independent Baptist church, TBBCS is under the authority of local church leadership and cannot place itself under any authority external to this church leadership.  With religious training and theological education as the purpose of the College and Seminary, TBBCS is exempt from the requirement of state certification and it has not sought accreditation.  As such, the degrees awarded are neither certified by the State of Virginia nor are they accredited by any organization or regional agency.   The content, however, of these degrees and the level of course instruction are both maintained at a high level, even meeting the criteria for State certification or organizational accreditation.  TBBCS also cooperates with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the various branches of the U.S. military services to allow veterans and military personnel to receive financial aid for their studies.

Tabernacle Bible Baptist College & Theological Seminary is authorized by the State of Virginia as an exempt institution (religious) to grant degrees. We are authorized by the federal government to issue I-20's to non-immigrant students to receive an education. Also, eligible students can receive GI Bill benefits.

TBBCS maintains high academic standards to insure that each graduate is fully prepared for the work God will have him or her to do.  Students are expected to maintain a high level of diligence in every aspect of their studies to honor not only those who contribute financially to make their studies possible but also the Lord Jesus Christ whose name they carry.  Students are exhorted to maintain the attitude that their preparatory studies are no less a spiritual service to God than any other activity of the Christian life.  Indeed, as the Lord Himself said, "These things ought they to have done, and not to have left the other undone."  Academic Biblical training is essential to avoiding the human tendency toward the isolated and self-centered interpretations and practices that divide unnecessarily.  Academics are not the end in themselves, nor are they the measure of preparation; rather, they are a means to facilitate accurately discerning what the Word of God actually says.